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    Contributors Wanted

    As you may have noticed, this site has recently added several co-authors, turning Japan Probe from a one-man operation into a group blog. In an effort to further increase the quality of Japan Probe with the goal of eventually becoming one of the most popular Japan humor / pop culture / news sites on the net, we have decided to openly recruit new writers. The basic requirements are as follows:


    • To prove your ability to write in decent English, we’ll need a sample of your writing. If you don’t have an example of a blog or website you’ve written stuff on before, we’ll need you to submit a writing sample
    • Must be able to post more than once a week or even daily if possible
    • Must be prepared to defend any statements you make in the comments section of your posts

    Japan Experience

    • Minimum of 2 years experience living in Japan
    • Understanding the Japanese language is a major plus. [Understanding Japan is, of course, impossible for a foreigner.]
    • Must be well-read on current events in Japan and have some knowledge of Japanese customs, history, and pop culture
    • Japanese writers are welcome, but you must write in English

    What kind of posts are we looking for?

    • Reports and commentary on current events/news.
    • Posts about amusing, humorous, or strange Japan-related stuff
    • Anything interesting and Japan-related
    • Posts that are not copied-and-pasted from another site you write for

    The above requirements are not set in stone, but by no means do we intend to accept every person who applies for a contributor position. We are seeking to improve the quality of this blog, and quickly adding several new writers could lead to a serious watering-down of the overall quality of posts on this site. We are serious about making Japan Probe better, so we must be serious in our selection process.

    If you think you’ve got what it takes, please e-mail us: