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Video: UARS Burning Up Over Japan?

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    Video uploaded yesterday shows something burning in the sky over Nagareyama in Chiba prefecture:

    The uploader isn’t sure what it is: UFO, or maybe a satellite?

    Judging by the day the video was shot, it is possible that we could be looking at NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), which was expected to re-enter earth’s atmosphere somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

    Although NASA believes that the reentry took place quite far from Japan, there is still a possibility that some smaller piece of the satellite may have broken off and burned up over Chiba.

    Update: Some analysis of the clip from Level3:

    That is not a falling satellite. It’s either old footage of a rocket launch or just a jet and a trick of the sunset (sunrise?) light.
    Falling satellites do not leave billowy smoke/contrails at the same level as other clouds, they’re too high up and they don’t spew out fuel or a trail like a rocket. Any trails are be very long and thin and disappear quite fast, look at the Columbia disaster videos, and remind yourself that UARS is a lot smaller than a Shuttle. Also it’s moving way too slow across the sky for a satellite on re-entry. Further it’s just too big, and it’s staying in one piece, not spreading apart.

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