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Mocking The Nissan Townpod

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    On December 3rd, the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show will begin at the Tokyo Big Sight. One of the automobiles on display will be the Nissan Townpod, a “fashionable” zero emission concept car.

    If you think it looks weird, you aren’t alone. Here are a few look-alike images posted by Japanese users of the 2-channel forums (via Itai News):

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    Video: UARS Burning Up Over Japan?

    Video uploaded yesterday shows something burning in the sky over Nagareyama in Chiba prefecture:

    The uploader isn’t sure what it is: UFO, or maybe a satellite?

    Judging by the day the video was shot, it is possible that we could be looking at NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), which was expected to re-enter earth’s atmosphere somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

    Although NASA believes that the reentry took place quite far from Japan, there is still a possibility that some smaller piece of the satellite may have broken off and burned up over Chiba.

    Update: Some analysis of the clip from Level3:

    That is not a falling satellite. It’s either old footage of a rocket launch or just a jet and a trick of the sunset (sunrise?) light.
    Falling satellites do not leave billowy smoke/contrails at the same level as other clouds, they’re too high up and they don’t spew out fuel or a trail like a rocket. Any trails are be very long and thin and disappear quite fast, look at the Columbia disaster videos, and remind yourself that UARS is a lot smaller than a Shuttle. Also it’s moving way too slow across the sky for a satellite on re-entry. Further it’s just too big, and it’s staying in one piece, not spreading apart.

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    Japanese Commercial Addresses Radiation Concerns: Our Mushrooms Are Safe!

    The Yukiguni Maitake company has started airing commercials that inform consumers about its strict in-house safety tests, the results of which can be easily found on its website:

    Singer Hiromi Go has been hired as a spokesman for the new advertising campaign. In the video, we are shown a clip of the TV commercial and a demonstration of how to check radiation test results.

    Because mushrooms are particularly vulnerable to environmental pollution, the company has been conducting strict safety testing for years. The recent nuclear accident in Fukushima has heightened public fears about food contamination, so the company is conducting radiation tests on every “lot” of mushrooms that it ships and is making the test result data accessible on its homepage.

    Every package of Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms has the following label:

    Using a mobile phone, anyone can access safety testing data by reading the QR code. Alternatively, they can go to the company’s homepage and enter the lot number or the production date printed on the label (found in the red box in the example pic).

    Downloadable data includes the amount of radioactive cesium detected, as well as the test results for a large number of other potentially dangerous substances, such as pesticides and heavy metals.

    The ability to scan a package and see its radiation data before buying it is a stroke of marketing brilliance. Even if other companies are selling mushrooms from areas that have passed government mandated radiation tests, worried consumers will probably feel more comfortable buying Yukiguni’s products.

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    Fake iPhone 5 (Made in China)

    A reporter for Nikkan Spa gives us a demonstration of a fake “iPhone 5” that was purchased in China:

    It looks very similar to the legit iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, but it has some quality issues. The touch screen doesn’t respond well to fingers, so it comes with a stylus.

    It also supposedly has support for two SIM cards.

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