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Obama helps Bon Jovi sell albums in Japan

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    obama cm

    A Japanese commercial for Bon Jovi’s new album uses images of President Barack Obama:

    Bon Jovi performed at Obama campaign events in 2008 and has dined at the White House, so I guess it makes sense…

    Update: I think the Obama footage could be a part of their music video for “We weren’t born to follow” (with some extra editing to add some flair and the phrase “leave it to me” in Japanese).

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    Japanese reactions to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

    obama nobel japan

    U.S. President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The move has surprised many people around the world because President Obama has yet to record any amazing successes in the field of peace-making (although he does seem to be making people feel good about America).

    The Nobel committee recognized Obama’s efforts toward a nuclear free world as one of the main reasons for the prize, something that has made Japanese a-bomb surivors such as 84-year-old Sunao Tsuboi quite happy:

    “I thought that (Obama) might win the prize sometime, but I never thought that it would be this year. He was probably also selected to advance the move toward nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation, and to push for the elimination of nuclear weapons. I think almost all hibakusha (atomic-bomb survivors) will be happy,” Tsuboi said.

    On the net, reactions have been less positive. Here’s a translation of some of the comments left by users of 2-channel, Japan’s largest online bulletin board (via Itai News):

    So is the reason he won because he hasn’t done anything?

    If you can win just for words then give it Kim Jong-Il

    So a peaceful world is one where America doesn’t do anything. Makes sense.

    Why? He hasn’t done anything, he’s just a black president right?

    So make a whole lot of nukes, then say “no more nukes for anyone!” and you get the Nobel Prize. lol

    Why Obama?
    If it’s because he’s the first black president then don’t give it to Obama give it to the American people.

    It’s not like he’s got rid of the nukes yet
    and are they just ignoring Iraq and all that?

    Isn’t the prize going to be a hindrance for him?
    Seems like it’s going to be harder to deal with Afghanistan and reinforcements.

    What a joke.
    Has he done anything to contribute to peace?
    He’s just said some pretty words about getting rid of nukes and stuff.

    Give me a break

    If it helps Nocchi’s career then I don’t really mind.

    What the hell? Pretty soon Kim will be getting one for renouncing nuclear weapons. lol

    Bush was just so bad that it makes him look good, right?


    For Chinese netizen reactions, check out this post at China Smack.

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    Ichiro meets Obama


    One of the top stories on the news yesterday was Ichiro Suzuki’s meeting with President Barack Obama in the locker room at the All-Star Game:

    When the president came up to Ichiro Suzuki, or just Ichiro as the Japanese like to call him, Ichiro told reporters that he had planned to casually say “What’s up?” However, once face-to-face with the Barrack, Ichiro lost his nerve and was unable to say much more than something like, “It’s an honor to meet you, sir,” he admitted.

    Despite his nervousness, and disappointment from missing his chance to gingerly greet the President, Ichiro was able to get his signature on a baseball.

    He’s not used to such formalities, and says it was the first time that he called somebody “sir.” The players had been told they couldn’t get autographs from the President, but Ichiro got one because Obama offered him one.

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    Salarymen and Japanese Obama eat bento lunch

    Nocchi, Japan’s most famous Barack Obama look-a-like, visits the offices of Book-Off to see how many of its salarymen bring boxed lunches made by their wives:

    At the end of the clip, we get to see the Obama face bento that Nocchi’s wife made for him.

    Relevant news link: Bloomberg reports on the growing popularity of bento lunches. (It has something to do with the recession.)

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