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American Tourists Think Motorola is a Japanese Company

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    FTV takes to the streets of Tokyo to ask a few random American tourists if they can correctly identify the nationality of the brands shown above:

    None of the six Americans could correctly identify the nationality of all the brands. Only one of the six knew that Motorola was an American company. Non-American brands with English-sounding names (Philips and Sharp) also prove to be confusing.

    As one guy says, a lot of people in America don’t really pay much attention to brand nationalities. The quality of products is more important.

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    Cute Assassin Costume

    The Korean nationalist gunman independence activist who killed Ito Hirobumi now lives on in cute mascot form:

    lol I killed somebody

    Independence activist Ahn Jung-geun remembered: Officials from the Ministry of Patriots & Veterans Affairs and citizens take part in a hand printing ceremony Wednesday, at the Yeouido Park in Seoul, to mark Ahn Jung-geun (1879-1910)’s 1909 assassination of Hirobumi Ito, a former prime minister of Japan, in Harbin, China. Ahn held Ito responsible for the annexation of Korea by Japan in 1910.

    [from the Korea Times via ROK Drop]

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    South Korea to build bigger robot than Japan

    korean knock-off

    This giant robot project was supposedly started before Japan’s giant robot statues, but it’s being blogged about as a challenger to Japan’s robot landmarks:

    The statue will be of Taekwon V, known stateside as Voltar the Invincible, and will stand some 364 feet tall, making it not only much bigger than the 59 and 60 foot statues in Japan, but roughly three times as tall as the Statue of Liberty itself. Giant robots are more important than freedom and liberty. I think that’s the message that’s being sent here.

    The robot will be erected in the middle of something called Robot Land, a theme park in Incheon that’s entirely devoted to everything and anything that has to do with robots. “Fun & Fantasy with Robot” is the English motto for the place, which should serve no doubt as the place where the robot uprising will begin when it opens to the public, along with its giant mascot, in 2013.

    Taekwon V is a copy of Japanese giant robot Mazinger Z, created in an era when Japanese copyright holders could not prevent Korean animators from “borrowing” their ideas.

    As a symbol of Korean patriotism, Taekwon V has been active in defending the Liancourt Rocks from vile Japanese savages:

    [hat tip to Aceface]

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    Did the DPJ desecrate the Japanese flag?

    DPJ Japan

    One of the most-viewed videos on YouTube Japan today is this clip, apparently showing that the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) doesn’t care much about honoring the Japanese flag:

    Hanging over the stage at an August 8th DPJ event in Kagoshima was a banner depicting the party’s official logo. Zooming in on the banner, we can see that it was made by cutting and pasting together two Japanese national flags. The uploader of the video can’t believe that a Japanese person would do such a thing to their flag and asks what athletes representing Japan in international competitions would think of such an act. Near the end of the clip, we can see former party president Ichiro Ozawa speaking with the desecrated flag in the background.

    the flag

    According to the Yomiuri, a photo of Ozawa in front of the cut-up flags was even uploaded to the DPJ’s official homepage. Prime Minister Aso brought up the flag desecration at a debate yesterday, calling it and act that is “sad” and “difficult to forgive.” DPJ leader Yukio Hatoyama has admitted that the mark was probably made by cutting up two Japanese flags and has apologized for the incident. He added that his party must be more careful when representing its “sacred” mark.


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