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    Yesterday, FTV aired a feature report about the growing popularity of Japanese people seeking roommates to share the cost of living and enjoy a family-like sense of community. It included this segment about a “Geek House” for computer nerds:

    Three men, all of them computer programmers, share the 2LDK apartment [2 rooms + a combined Living/dining/kitchen space] and split the 130,000 yen rent. (According to the Geek House’s website, there are actually 5 residents – Pha, Hikipuro, ykic, tomo3141592653, and iyoda.) They seem to spend their free time sitting around on their respective notebook computers, programming and chatting over Twitter. Since the apartment is near Akihabara, it is easy for geek friends to come visit.

    Their shared apartment is part of the Geek House Project, which aims to set up similar arrangements across Japan. Their website is currently taking applications for Geek Houses to be set up in Kyoto, Aichi, and Sapporo.

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    Boxing bell alarm clock

    boxing bell alarm

    A boxing bell alarm clock from Banpresto:

    When the alarm goes off, a referee voice begins counting to ten. If you are able to get up and smash the snooze button, you can go back to sleep. If you’re down for the count, the bell will start ringing when the count reaches ten.

    It will go on sale on December 25th for a price of about 2,900 yen. There is also a pro-wrestling version, which only counts to three.

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    Hamburger vending machine

    hamburger vending machine

    “Nanikore Chin Hakkei” finds a restaurant in Tokyo’s Katsushika ward that has a hamburger vending machine:

    The vending machine sells hamburgers for 100 yen each. Upon inserting a single 100 yen coin, a hamburger quickly comes out of the machine. However, a second try fails to produce a hamburger. It turns out that it can only hold a single hamburger and is operated manually by the man who runs the store. If you want more than one burger, you’ve got to go inside and order it.

    After his restaurant got featured on TV for its weird vending machine, the owner installed a second manual vending machine that sells 300 yen “royal” burgers (normal burgers with some added tomato and bacon).

    If you want check it out for yourself, you can find it here on google maps:

    View Larger Map

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    Mitsubishi Estate Commercial

    Mitsubishi then and now

    A Mitsubishi Estate commercial celebrates the company’s role in the creation of modern Japan:

    The building in the commercial is the Mitsubishi Ichigokan. It was completed in 1894 and was the first modern office building in the Marunouchi area. It is now a Museum.

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