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Englishman Arrested for Disturbing the Peace of a Loud Japanese Election Campaign

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    J Megaphone

    It’s no secret that Japan has some of the loudest advertising, propaganda, preaching, and political campaigns around. Most foreigners, not to mention more than a few Japanese, would like to see the loud speakers crushed into dust. But we all put up with it, because this is Japan, and people put up over here, by gum. But not one brave man. Yes, call it reckless, but I am championing the drunken actions of one Englishman who just wasn’t going to take it any more.

    According to Itai News, one Edward Jones was recently arrested for grabbing a mike from a politician at a train station and yelled about how Japanese elections are loud and annoying. He allegedly had just finished a few drinks with friends. After his display, he was hauled off to jail.

    Itai News’s comments are also filled with Japanese netizens voicing approval for Jones’s actions.
    Here is a select few that I felt able to translate:

    Well done!

    I forgive him.

    Let’s forgive him, they really are loud.

    They are bleeding annoying.

    Good Job! Good Job! Good Job!

    He’s sinless (innocent).

    Elections really are the secret shame of Japan.

    One vote for Jones!

    Japanese elections don’t make any sense.
    Instead of shouting their names from sound trucks, they should have American-style televised policy debates.

    [via Hiko]

    Contributor Bio: Claytonian blogs, vlogs, and clogs about Japan, language, and news at The Hopeless Romantic. He muses about hitting campaign cars with rotten tomatoes sometimes. A boy can dream.

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    11-year-old accidentally allowed to vote in Japan – her vote will remain valid

    this picture has nothing to do with the story below

    A kid was allowed to vote in Osaka yesterday:

    The 11-year-old elementary school girl, who visited a poll station in Osaka’s Nishi-Yodogawa Ward with her father, voted for a party in a proportional representation bloc as well as a review of the Supreme Court justices, the election committee said.

    Election staff believed the girl, who is relatively tall for her age, was an adult voter. It was only after she finished voting that the staff noticed the error.

    As it is impossible to identify the girl’s ballots, they have been regarded valid in accordance with the Public Offices Election Law.

    This story really makes one wonder about the quality of the ballots from that ward. Why would staff allow someone to vote before checking their eligibility?

    13 comments - What do you think?  Posted by James - August 31, 2009 at 5:17 pm

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    Japan General Election Day 2009


    Judgment Day is finally upon us! As the election results come in tonight, be sure to check out TPR’s live video cast:

    The webcast will include Garrett DeOrio, Christopher Gunson, Adam Richards, and Ken Worsley. The broadcast will start at 8:00 p.m., and will be viewable at Livestream:

    There’s no need to log in or create an account, simply open that page and you can chat by creating a nickname. We will also have our Skype account open and ready to take phone calls. Skype us at transpacificradio (one word, all lower case.)

    For those of you in the United States, this broadcast will be starting at 7:00AM EST.

    Tobias Harris of Observing Japan and will also be liveblogging election results. And some live blogging from Our Man in Abiko.

    Handy links to check out before the results come in: this list of election vocabulary from Reuters and Stippy’s informative post about the election.

    Update: The LDP suffered a crushing defeat, dropping from 300 to 119 seats. The DPJ went from 115 to 308 seats. The Komeito lost 10 seats, including the one that belonged to its leader. The “Koizumi Children” were wiped out. The political world has been turned upside down.

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    Judgment Day for Japan

    Judgement Day

    I thought TBS news had the coolest and most ridiculous graphics/music for its election coverage. I was wrong. FTV has raised (or lowered?) the bar by adding Terminator music and the title JUDGMENT DAY to its election news:

    Get ready, Japan: Skynet will be attacking us tomorrow! I hope everyone has stockpiled enough weapons to deal with the hordes of killer robots.

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