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Tonight: SASUKE (Ninja Warrior) Fall 2008

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    Just a public service announcement for all the fans of SASUKE/Ninja Warrior out there:

    The SASUKE 2008 Fall competition will be airing tonight at 7:00PM on TBS. As with the last competition, there will be several Americans taking part in the obstacle course, including Olymipic wrestling gold medalist Henry Cejudo and G4 Tech TV’s Ninja Warrior fanatics. Keep an eye on Lost in Ube and Rambling Rican for live blogging and results from the competition!

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    Japanese reporter eats insects

    One of NTV’s reporters in Beijing goes to a local food shop and tries to eat cicada on a stick:

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    More Information About Obama City

    Starved for more information about the wackiness going on in Fukui Prefecture’s Obama City? Here are a few videos about Obama City that have appeared online in the last week!

    First off, a video about Obama City from the Associated Press:

    Next, a video uploaded by YouTube User JapanforObama, which shows some of the Obama-mania going on in Obama City (Super Tuesday at the pachinko parlor!):

    And finally, a series of four videos filmed by an American girl living in Obama City.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4


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    Barack Obama Visits Japan (Blackface Comedy)


    In honor of the ongoing Democratic Party primary elections, popular Japanese blog Daily Portal Z ran a story about visiting Obama Station in Fukui Prefecture. The real Barack Obama wasn’t available to go there with them, so they did the next best thing: they painted a Japanese guy black and had him wear a big rubber nose!

    Here’s a sample of the kind of pictures found in the post:


    Claytonian, who brought the post to my attention, had the following to say in the commentary he posted on his blog:

    I’m a little conflicted; I like Daily Portal Z and I think this thing gets funny at times. Especially when Hillary shows up in the article. Then there is the politically-correct, and dare I say oppressed at times, foreigner side to me that always feels its a bad idea to paint yourself up like a black man, or a white woman for that matter. Then yet again, this could be political satire so sophisticated it goes over my head.

    In the past, I have expressed my view that comedy acts which rely on parody of the physical features of other races are not my cup of tea. I don’t expect the average Japanese person to understand the hurtful history of blackface comedy, but I still wish that people could understand how someone of another race might feel hurt when they see a Japanese comedian using racial differences for laughs.


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