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    Our comments policy is pretty simple:

    • No racist comments or racial slurs. [That includes: Jap, Nip, Chink, 毛唐, etc.]
    • No insults towards countries/races/etc. For example, comments like “Korea sucks compared to Japan” or “Japan’s culture is fucked-up,” “Koreans are liars,” “Americans are idiots,” etc. If you want to express such a viewpoint, do it by posting something of substance, rather than taking a swipe at a nation/culture/person and writing nothing else. Referring to other users as “stupid” would also fall under this rule.
    • No personal attacks on other posters in the comment threads. If you disagree with somebody, go after their argument instead of attacking the person who wrote it.
    • No use of generic handles like “Anon” / “Anonymous” / “gaijin” / “Japanese person”
    • No comments that are totally off topic. Example: Writing a comment about Koreans under a post that has nothing to do with Korea or writing a comment about Japanese dolphin hunting on a post about Korea-Japan relations.
    • No excessive swearing.
    • Keep worthless complaints to yourself. Few people want to read your comment about how “it must be a slow news day” or your declaration of “who cares,” so such comments will be deleted. Likewise with nationalistic whining about “bias” against countries. (Other examples: “stop making posts about this topic” / “I only come here for X, stop stop posting about Y” / “I don’t care about your opinion” / “stop posting your opinion” / etc. )
    • No spamming advertisements for your website. [ This includes using spam keywords are your “name” or pasting your site url into every comment you make, instead of entering it into the “URL” section of the comment form. ]
    • No use of multiple names for the same user. [Sockpuppetry will result in almost immediate banning.]
    • No comments about 9/11 conspiracy theories unless the post the comment is being left under is specifically about 9/11 conspiracy theories. The same goes for conspiracy theories about nuclear accidents and other topics.
    • No posting comments that are meant only to annoy other readers of the site. This also applies to the overuse of smartass argumentation methods.
    • No comments in languages other than English or Japanese.
    • Incredibly stupid comments that add nothing to discussion may also be deleted. (Includes complaints about how you “don’t like” or “can’t stand” a post. If you don’t like it, don’t comment on it.)
    • No comments that mindlessness regurgitate propaganda that has long since been proven factually incorrect.
    • Comments complaining about our discussion and comment moderation policy. Contact us directly if you feel a comment has been unfairly deleted.

    [Breaking any of these rules could result in your IP address being banned or, in extreme cases, the e-mail address you entered and your IP address could be made public. This policy applies to both e-mails and comments.]

    If you’ve made any comments that don’t fall under the list and your comments don’t show up or have disappeared, the spam filter may have eaten them up. I make an effort to check comments caught as spam and recover legitimate comments every few hours, so please be patient. If it’s been a while and you are wondering why your comment hasn’t appeared, please contact us at japanprobe [at] gmail.com