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Hilarious computer animation about 2012 Japan election

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    Taiwan’s NMA Youtube channel has produced yet another wacky computer animated video about current events in Japan! It’s election time:

    Somebody must have read about Shinzo Abe’s battle with crippling diarrhea, because he is shown shooting vast amounts of liquid feces out of his rear end. Noda, who famously compared himself to a loach fish, seems to be using one as a weapon. And it looks like South Korea’s national symbol is now the Gangnam Style guy…

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    Modded Toyota GX71 Chaser GT Plays Christmas Music

    In this viral video, the driver of a modded Toyota Chaser is able to play “Jingle Bells”:

    Pretty cool as a video, but pretty bad if you have to live in the same neighborhood as this guy and his loud vehicle…

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    Falconer’s café and reptile café in Japan

    A TV show takes a look at some of Japan’s most interesting new cafés:

    It starts by showing us a Starbucks in Ueno Park, which has an open and artsy atmosphere. Apparently it’s quite different from the chain’s other coffee shops.

    The next shop is a Falconer’s café in Mitaka. The café serves food and drink to people who love birds of prey. They get to meet the owner’s birds, and some hobbyists also bring their birds to the cafe. Japan already has quite a lot of dog and cat cafés, so why not have one for falconry fans?

    Next we have a reptile café in Yokohama! Folks who love turtles, snakes, and lizards can finally have a place to relax and drink tea.

    If you’re creeped out by hawks and lizards, maybe you’d prefer the final café. It’s stationary-themed café in Omotesando. Each table in the café has a drawer containing stationery, which customers can use to write memos, letters, or anything else they desire. How exciting.

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    Photo of Japanese baseball legend Kazuhiro Kiyohara goes viral as “a Chinese Black”

    The following image of “a black Chinese” has made its way onto the front pages of 9Gag and cuantarazon.com, receiving thousands of shares from Twitter and Facebook users:

    If the Japanese text in the top corner of the image makes it obvious enough that this probably isn’t a photograph from China. The man in the photograph is Kazuhiro Kiyohara, a former professional baseball player whose face is recognizable by almost every Japanese person who owns a television set. He played in the Japanese leagues for over 20 years, and regularly appears on Japanese television programs.

    Kiyohara’s parents were Japanese. He doesn’t have Chinese or African roots (but some netizens have spread rumors about Zainichi Korean origins). But it looks like he’s destined to go down in internet history as a Black Chinese guy.

    As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, Kiyohara is more tanned than most Japanese people. The “Black Chinese” image seems to have been recorded on a day when he was especially dark.

    According to Naver Matome, some Japanese netizens were also surprised by Kiyohara’s dark skin tone:

    The blog post jokingly asks if Kiyohara is a Black person. Twitter users also commented on how dark he looked.

    The images are screen captures from an event that aired on TV earlier this month. Kiyohara was bringing flowers to a retiring baseball player. At some point the image was uploaded elsewhere, stripped of its context. Kiyohara then became a “Chinese Black.”

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