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    Taiwanese YouTuber John Huang has created this awesome stop motion tribute to Street Fighter:

    Check out his YouTube channel for other anime and video game themed stop motion videos, such as the Dragon Ball Gundam Battle and Mega Man vs. Transformers.

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    99-Year-Old Woman Plays Nintendo Every Day

    “Nanikore” travels to Sendai and meets Umeji Narisawa, a 99-year-old woman who plays video games every day:

    Narisawa’s game of choice is Bomberman for the original NES. She started playing it 26 years ago, after noticing how much fun her grandchildren were having when they played it. Playing Bomberman for a couple hours a day soon became part of her daily routine.

    Her years of bombering have made her an expert at the game; she’s cleared all 50 levels of the game countless times. Some days she beats the game twice.

    Playing Bomberman every day helps keep her mind sharp. Pressing all those buttons has also kept her fingers nimble (and capable of threading a needle).

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    Sega Urinal Video Game: Rank Your Pee!

    Sega has created what is sure to be one of the strangest video games ever invented. It is – quite literally – a pissing contest:

    “First, an infrared sensor detects when a person approaches, and changes the screen to the game ready display. Next, microwaves hit the stream of urine when the person urinates, and it reads the reflected microwaves to detect the speed of the urine stream. The volume is then calculated by the speed and duration of the urination.”

    Since the volume of urine is calculated from the speed, the average amount can also be calculated. In this demonstration the volume is measured for a game to display individual rankings, and Sega are now developing a game for players to compete against people who have used the toilet before.

    “We are looking to drinking and eating establishments to install this game first. The advertising screen in it can be refreshed if it is JPEG data, for example, if the bar is being used for a party after a wedding it could show the faces of the bride and groom. That would be pretty funny if the faces of the bride and groom appeared in the toilet. Customers are coming up with quite a few interesting ways to use it.”

    Hopefully, within a year, half the bars in Tokyo will be equipped with this amazing device.

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    Billy Blanks’ Wii Game Commercial

    It has been a couple years since the end of Japan’s Billy’s Bootcamp craze. Nevertheless, it seems that somebody’s made a Bootcamp game for the Wii, and Billy Blanks is now starring in commercials for it:

    Billy’s voice has been dubbed over in Japanese. It looks like they are marketing it as an exercise game for children.

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