Five Line sticker creators who deserve more attention

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    One of the greatest things about the Line instant messaging application is its ever-growing library of stickers (or “stamps” in Japanese). Line allows users to create and sell their own sticker sets through its Creator’s Market. There are thousands upon thousands of stickers available, with new sticker sets added every week.

    Unfortunately, Line’s sticker market has a huge problem: it is a disorganized mess. Naver basically just lets sticker creators write a short text description of stickers and throws the stickers into very general categories. This kind of system would work for a market that had a few hundred stamp sets, but in the “Cat” category alone, there are over 15,000 sticker sets. The search function is also pretty crappy. Searching for the English term “cat” turned up only 835 creator stickers, while the Japanese terms “猫”/ “ねこ”/”ネコ” resulted in differing numbers between 932 and 944. Searching for certain stickers often involves a guessing game about what keywords are in the description, and often the words have little to do with the actual appearance of the stickers.

    When a sticker set becomes popular, it will be seen and purchased by thousands of users, making serious cash for its creator. However, if a creator fails to get attention, his/her stickers will almost never be seen by users. While many of the top-selling stickers are quite cool, there are no doubt hundreds or even thousands of similarly great stickers that don’t get the attention they deserve because Line’s sticker market is a disorganized mess.

    Over the past few years, I have come across a few Line sticker creators who I feel deserve more attention for their works. I tend to prefer silly, stupid, and disgusting stickers, so this list will be biased towards artists who create stuff like that. In the future, I hope to introduce more artists, but today I’ll start with five.

    1. Seishiro Matsuyama

    via creators line
    Artist Seishiro Matsuyama currently has four sets of wonderfully bizarre stickers on the creator’s market. My personal favorite is “Kemono My House,” but all of the sets feature the same weird characters. Matsuyama also has an instagram account, where you can check out some of his non-Line artwork.

    2. Shimisan

    The concept behind many of Shimisan’s stickers are pretty simple. Weird human-like facial expressions are drawn onto the faces of animals, transforming what would normally be a cute character into something satisfyingly disgusting. My favorite is “Kawaii Dogs” – which has a dog that wears braces and a couple stickers with dogs peeing (which is apparently okay with the Line censors).

    3. Trock

    Trock doesn’t seem like the most-skilled illustrator, but there he/she has produced some masterpieces of weirdness. I can’t say I like all of Trock’s stickers, but I do particularly enjoy the “Ugly Rabbits” and “Ugly Cats” sets.

    4. Sky Blue

    Some people say that some of the stickers in the “Jolly Nozun” set look like something other than noses. What do you think?

    5. Hiroyuki Ishida

    Ishida’s “Pleasant friends and Mr. Haru” stamp set is one of my absolute favorites. It’s hard to complain about such a great combination of weird drawings and weird English.


    Poll: Which of these creators do you like the best?

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    Sky Blue
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    Hiroyuki Ishida
    37 Vote

    If anyone has their own suggestions for cool stickers or if you are a sticker creator and want us to see your work, please leave a comment and let us know!

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