Lone counter-protester disrupts pro-Sea Shepherd demonstration in London

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    On Friday, animal rights activists in Britain organized a “Taiji Action Day” demonstration in front of the Japanese embassy in London. Carrying Sea Shepherd banners and signs that said stuff like “Shame on Japan,” they marched around and called for an end to dolphin hunting and the use of dolphins in aquariums.

    Small protests like this aren’t exactly rare or noteworthy. What is noteworthy is the odd presence of a lone counter-protester. A guy showed up in support of Japan, wearing a German military jacket and waving two large Japanese flags.

    london taiji counter protest

    anti sea shepherd

    annoying woman

    anti SS

    smirking at SS

    london embassy protest

    The man denounced Sea Shepherd as a racist terrorist group. From the photos, it looks like a lot of the protesters were annoyed.

    Photos of his counter-demonstration were picked up by Japanese conservative blogs, where he was praised by readers. Many comments seemed to be focusing on one single question: who the heck is this guy?

    Is it “Takeshima” (@StopKInvasion), a British Twitter user who supports Japanese right-wing causes and whose profile links to photos of the counter demonstration?

    [hat tip to t65]

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