Korean man fined after throwing feces at Japanese embassy in Seoul

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    Korean protesting tactics

    On Wednesday morning, a 69-year-old Korean man threw a bag of feces at the Japanese embassy in Seoul. According to Jiji press, the man had been shouting “Dokdo belongs to Korea!” as he threw the bag.

    The man was a former ward assemblyman for the Gangdong District of Seoul. Apparently he had prepared three bags of crap, but only had time to throw one before being detained by police. The one bag he threw did not manage to make it into the grounds of the embassy.

    He allegedly said he did it as a warning to Japan. He wanted Japan to know that both the Liancourt Rocks and Tsushima are Korean territory. The man also demanded further Japanese apologies for Korean comfort women.

    Police released the man after he paid a fine.

    This is not the first time that Koreans have thrown feces at the Japanese embassy. Another man did the same thing last year, around the same time. Every February 22nd Shimane prefecture holds a “Takeshima Day” ceremony to remind people that South Korea forcibly occupied the Liancourt Rocks 1954, and that Japan still claims the rocks as territory. The small ceremony cause a lot of rage among Korean ultra-nationalists.

    [Translation Note: The Japanese media has used the word “obutsu,” which literally means “filth,” but is usually used to refer to feces. ]

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