Hundreds of people remain stranded in snowed-in trains after Valentine’s Day blizzard hits Kanto region

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    Yamanashi Snow

    For the second week in a row, a large snow storm hit the Kanto region of Japan. For most Tokyoites, life is returning back to normal. Snow doesn’t block the roads in the city, and a lot of the snow from Friday and Saturday is already melted.

    Yamanashi from the air

    (An aerial view of Yamanashi – click to view full photo)

    However, in nearby Yamanashi prefecture, things are much more serious. As opposed to the 27 centimeters of snow that fell in Tokyo, Yamanashi got about 114 centimeters (45 inches), and it has completely crippled the prefecture’s transportation system and left convenience store shelves bare.

    empy shelves

    According to news reports today(the 17th), hundreds of people remain stranded inside trains on the Chuo line. JR is apparently distributing emergency food, so they have been able to eat something since Valentine’s Day.

    Members of the Ground Self-Defense Forces have been deployed with shovels and snow-clearing equipment to clear roads and rescue people whose cars were stranded on snowy roads. It seems that it will be at least a few more days before life is back to normal in Yamanashi…

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