Crazy internet conspiracy theory: Japanese politicians who drink “Korean-style”

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    korean drinking style

    While randomly surfing through Japanese blogs the other day, I came across a post that was telling readers that the new mayor of Tokyo, Yoichi Masuzoe, drinks like he is a Korean. Apparently covering ones drink with a hand and turning to the side whole drinking is the polite way to drink in front of one’s elders in Korea, and Masuzoe was showing this “Korean-style” politeness when taking a drink from a glass of water during a speech at the National Diet in 2011.

    Masuzoe drinking

    Masuzoe is disliked by many right-leaning people because he supports granting voting rights to non-citizens, a move that would give political power to Korean residents of Japan who refuse to naturalize. According to the blog post, Masuzoe also allegedly admitted on TV that his parents were Zainichi Koreans. (Is there any actual video clip of this?)

    But wait, there’s more! The conspiracy deepens! It turns out that Masuzoe isn’t the only major politician who drinks in a “non-Japanese” manner.

    Naoto Kan (Prime Minister 2011-2012) is also one of them:


    Kan drinking

    Kan’s successor, Yoshihiko Noda, drank like that too:

    Noda drinks

    Noda drinking 2

    And former Prime Minister Hatoyama!

    Hatoyama Korean drinking

    Katsumasa Suzuki (formerly of the DPJ) is one too:

    Korean drinking Katsumasa

    And, anti-nuclear actor-turned-politician Taro Yamamoto is a “Korean” drinker too:

    Taro Yamamoto

    The photos document that on at least one occasion, each of the politicians drank in a manner that sort of resembles a Korean custom. In the mind of crazy conspiracy theorists, this “non-Japanese” drinking style, combined with the fact that their policy views are seen as “anti-Japanese,” is evidence that these politicians must be secret Koreans, or at least under the influence of Korea.

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