Japanese cars can get special Olympic edition license plates

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    Vehicle registration plates in Japan are pretty bland. The numbers are usually printed on a white or yellow plate, with no decorations. However, now that Japan will be hosting the 2020 games, change is coming! For the first time ever, Japan will allow special license plates.

    The plates will feature an image of Mt. Fuji, together with a cherry blossom mark and the Olympic logo.

    As with similar license plates in other countries, they will cost a bit extra, but the money will go to a good cause:

    Car owners will be able to receive the special colorful license plates for issuance fees and donations of several hundred yen according to government sources. The issuance of the special license plates, which may feature such designs as Mt. Fuji, a Tokyo Olympic logo, or cherry blossoms—things that symbolize Japan—will last until 2020.

    The donations will be reserved in a fund, which will be used to improve the nation’s traffic services as the Tokyo Games approach, the sources explained. Specifically, the fund will subsidize projects for bus and taxi companies to introduce barrier-free vehicles.

    The plates will be available next year. Hopefully, this will lead to all kinds of cool plate designs.

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