Ruy Ramos would fight for Japan

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    In a recent Yukan Fuji article, former Japan national soccer team player Ruy Ramos spoke about his commitment to his country of citizenship. Ramos was born in Brazil and first came to Japan in 1977. He naturalized in 1989. Over the years, he has developed a deep love of this nation.

    Here is what he said in the interview:


    Roughly translated, it says: “If Japan got into a war, I would fight (for this country). After all, I’m Japanese! Even though I have been Japanese for a short time, I am Japanese!”

    Ramos is already 55-years-old, so he’s far too old to enlist in the Self-Defense Forces. If there was a war, he’d probably have no opportunity to fight in defense of Japan. But his remarks have nonetheless drawn some praise from netizens.

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