Sea Shepherd supports Chinese claim to Senkaku islands

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    a bunch of fucking idiots

    Sea Shepherd is an organization that claims to care about protecting wildlife. Their latest “conservation” scheme involves support of the Chinese government’s claim to the Senkaku islands:

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society wishes to support Chinese efforts to assert sovereignty over the islands known as the Diaoyu Islands by China and the Tiaoyu Islands by Taiwan.

    The Japanese have referred to the islands as the Senkaku Islands since they were forcibly annexed by Japan from China in 1895. Sea Shepherd is concerned that Japanese control over the islands will lead to the slaughter of more dolphins and whales. “We do not want to see the waters around these islands run red with the blood of dolphins and whales,” said Captain Paul Watson. “Japan has demonstrated they do not have the ecological integrity nor the environmental responsibility to manage these island ecosystems.” Sea Shepherd would like to extend an offer to China to invite our organization to send one of our ships to the islands to investigate the local populations of dolphins and other marine wildlife species that would be threatened if Japan occupies the islands.

    It’s an idiotic stance, even for an idiotic organization like Sea Shepherd. While some animal rights activists may think that Japan’s ongoing dolphin and whale hunts are cruel or inhumane, the hunts do not threaten any whale or dolphin species with extinction, nor do they significantly harm the environment. The People’s Republic of China, on the other hand, is engaged in wholesale destruction of nature within its territory.

    If Sea Shepherd really wanted to protect wildlife, it would never support Chinese territorial expansion. But, as this latest scheme so clearly shows, Sea Shepherd and its leaders are consumed with petty hatred towards the nation of Japan.

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    [hat tip to Captain Novolin]

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