RIP Ampontan: Blogger Bill Sakovich passes away

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    It has come to my attention that William Sakovich, the blogger behind the Ampontan blog, has passed away. According to a comment from a friend, he died of cancer on December 21st:

    Hi everyone. I don’t how much longer Bill’s preprogrammed entries will continue but I have sad news to report. Bill Sakovich, the author of this blog passed away on December 21 from cancer. He had been having stomach problems for the past two months and thought it was an ulcer. He went in the hospital to have the ulcer taken care of and during surgery they found he had cancer and that it had spread throughout his stomach and intestines. I’m sorry to say that my days are now a little less bright without the opportunity to meet up with Bill for some yakitori and political discussion.

    It is truly sad to hear that Bill is gone. I think we can all agree, regardless of our political leanings, that Bill’s blog was a valuable resource for Japan news. His high quality blog entries contained conservative viewpoints and translations of Japanese sources that one could rarely find in mainstream English language news articles.

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