Abe strikes back: LDP smashes DPJ in 2012 general election

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    abe returns

    The results of today’s election are coming in, and it’s terrible news for the Democratic Party of Japan. The ruling party, which failed to live up to a lot of the hype that got it elected a few years ago, has suffered miserable defeat. A lot of people were expecting the Liberal Democratic Party to return to power, but the extent of their victory is pretty damn impressive.

    Exit polls showed the LDP would win 296 seats in the 480-seat lower house, while its longtime ally, New Komeito, was on course to win 32 seats. Combined, the tally would give the parties the “super-majority” they need to take total control of both houses of parliament and end years of policy deadlock and instability.

    Shinzo Abe will become the new Prime Minister. Get ready for a flood of international news articles about how his victory supposedly shows that Japanese voters are right-wing nationalists…

    The Japan Restoration Party, led by former Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara, has picked up over 50 seats.

    Update: The results are in. The big winners were: LDP 294 seats(up from 118), Komeito 31 seats(up from 21), Japan Restoration Party 54 seats, Your Party 18 seats (up from 8). The DPJ only won 57 seats (down from 230!). The Tomorrow Party of Japan, which heavily promoted itself as an anti-nuclear party, suffered a crushing defeat (9 seats, down from 61).

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