Interesting Japanese election poster: Matsumoto Kiyoshi’s grandson

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    The other day, I came across the following poster, promoting Kazumi Matsumoto, who is seeking election as a representative for Tokyo’s 2nd district:

    The poster stands out because Matsumoto has chosen an interesting font for his name. The font makes it look exactly like the logo of the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstore chain!

    He is actually a grandson of the Kiyoshi Matsumoto who founded that company (and later became a politician). Matsumoto’s poster said he held an position of importance at Matsumoto Kiyoshi, so he probably won’t get in trouble for making his name resemble the company’s logo.

    Matsumoto served one term as an LDP lawmaker in the House of Representatives in 2005-2006, after getting elected as one of Prime Minister Koizumi’s “children.” It now looks like he’s trying to make a comeback by aligning himself with Ishihara’s Japan Restoration Party.

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