Falconer’s café and reptile café in Japan

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    A TV show takes a look at some of Japan’s most interesting new cafés:

    It starts by showing us a Starbucks in Ueno Park, which has an open and artsy atmosphere. Apparently it’s quite different from the chain’s other coffee shops.

    The next shop is a Falconer’s café in Mitaka. The café serves food and drink to people who love birds of prey. They get to meet the owner’s birds, and some hobbyists also bring their birds to the cafe. Japan already has quite a lot of dog and cat cafés, so why not have one for falconry fans?

    Next we have a reptile café in Yokohama! Folks who love turtles, snakes, and lizards can finally have a place to relax and drink tea.

    If you’re creeped out by hawks and lizards, maybe you’d prefer the final café. It’s stationary-themed café in Omotesando. Each table in the café has a drawer containing stationery, which customers can use to write memos, letters, or anything else they desire. How exciting.

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