Ninja entertainment for American troops in Japan

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    Amid the coverage of crimes by American troops in Japan, the Japanese media is also reporting some positive U.S. military news. Here’s a short report that aired on FNN yesterday:

    It shows a group of Americans who were in Shiga prefecture to participate in Orient Shield, a joint field exercise at the Aibano training area. After the training, some of the Americans were shown one of Shiga’s famous tourist attractions: its ninjas.

    The Americans got to watch some ninja battles. They were also given some shuriken training. Everyone seems to have a good time.

    [Note: Some readers have noted that the Shiga ninja show in the above video contains ninjas from another part of Japan. Shiga does not have a monopoly on ninja, but it does market itself as Japan’s ninja prefecture.]

    Further to the south, the American and Japanese forces are holding another exercise. This one seems aimed at preparing the Allies for the defense of Japan’s southernmost islands.

    About 47,000 personnel, including 10,000 from the US military, are participating and a US aircraft carrier is also taking part, it said.

    The drill was originally meant to practice landing on an island in Okinawa prefecture, but it was changed to training at sea because of concerns that landing practice might escalate tensions between Japan and China, the report said.

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