Thieves loot mobile phone shop, but leave behind iPhone 5’s

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    News of a bizarre crime in Kanagawa prefecture:

    Yesterday morning at 6:00AM, a group of men smashed a window broke into an AU mobile phone shop in Sagamihara city. They stole 36 smartphones, including iPhone 4’s and other models offered by AU. The store was also stocked with several new iPhone 5 smartphones, but the thieves took none. Apparently they were not seeking the newest iPhones, or failed to notice the shelf containing them.

    About a month ago, a group of criminals pulled off a similar crime on the other side of Honshu, stealing nearly $100,000 worth of smart phones from Western Osaka. However, those thefts were specifically targeted at the iPhone 5. The thieves out in Kansai apparently know the difference between an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 5….

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