Video: Bicycle police chase in Japan

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    This popular video on LiveLeak shows a driver observing a bicycle chase in Japan. A police officer is trying to catch a cyclist who is dangerously speeding and weaving through traffic:

    The driver tries to block the cyclist, but fails. The crazy cyclist speeds around a corner, with the cop in close pursuit. Was the cyclist caught?

    The video is an example of new police efforts to stop dangerous cycling in Japan:

    After the March 2011 earthquake, the number of people commuting by cycle in the Tokyo metropolitan area increased dramatically. A lot of these new cyclists are ignorant of traffic laws. Almost two-thirds of bicycle accidents involved cyclists engaged in some violation of traffic laws.

    Police have been increasing their efforts to cut down on lawbreaking cyclists. This involves stricter enforcement on the streets, as well as events aimed at educating the general public. Police officers have been going to driving schools to offer free lectures on bicycle manners and safety.

    The city of Musashino has come up with a very interesting way of encouraging adults to attend such lectures. Anyone who goes to a lecture receives preferential access to bicycle parking lots. So far, over 12,000 people have taken up their offer. Mitaka city will now follow their example with a similar program.

    Bonus Video: A cyclist angrily shouts at a police officer who is manning a speed trap.

    The man tells the cop to stop wasting taxpayers’ money. Instead of pepper spraying, beating, or arresting the man, the cop seems to just ignore him. What a patient guy.

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