Reddit user shares grandfather-in-law’s 1945 photos of Nagasaki

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    A user of has shared the following collection of photos showing Nagasaki in 1945 after the atomic bombing. If his story is true, the photos have spent decades in a box, not having been shown to many people:

    I was recently upstate and over dinner the talk of cancer came up. My father-in-law mentioned that it was “his time in Nagasaki” that killed his father. Of course this piqued my interest, so he pulled these photos out. I thought Reddit would appreciate them.

    His father was in the 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines. He also shipped a crate of guns, swords, and a Battleship flag home. All that remains is the crate and these photos. Apparently he traded the guns and swords for a mandolin and banjo in the Sixties. The flag is unaccounted for.

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