Japanese TV show prank transforms African man into a gorilla

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    On a recent edition of the “Panic Face” television show, Nigerian-born celebrity Bobby Ologun was dressed up as a gorilla for a hidden camera prank:

    The prank was meant to fool his youngest daughter. Bobby and his two other kids tricked her into believing that they were filming a travel program. When visiting the town, they were shown a “shrine” to the local “gorilla god.” According to fake legend, if one of your family members turns into a gorilla, you can offer bananas to the gorilla shrine and the god will transform your family member back into a human.

    When Bobby and the kids went to bed that night, everything seemed normal. But in the middle of the night he got up and a special effects team transformed him into a gorilla. He crawled back into bed before his youngest daughter woke up. When morning came, she was told that daddy had turned into a gorilla while sleeping!

    After some initial shock, she took charge of the situation. She helped Bobby hide in a closet while she went to find the gorilla shrine, which happened to be only a short walk from the hotel. Television staff disguised as townsfolk guided her to the location of the fake shrine.

    When she offered bananas to the shrine, the gorilla god spoke to her! It was actually her father, but she apparently did not know it. After telling the gorilla god that she loved her dad and wanted him back, Bobby appeared in human form and revealed the prank to her.

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