Famous performing chimpanzee Pan-kun viciously mauls woman

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    For years now, I’ve blogged about Pan-kun, a performing chimpanzee at the Aso Cuddly Dominion Zoo who frequently appears on television. And, for years, readers have left comments on such blog posts predicting that Pan-kun would one day go wild and attack somebody.

    Well folks, it happened!

    As Pan-kun was being walked off the stage after a performance yesterday afternoon, he suddenly dashed towards a student trainee staff member and attacked her. He didn’t eat her face off, but he did do some pretty bad damage. There were cuts on her forehead, ears, ankles, and back. She was flown by helicopter to a hospital, where she required stitches and will probably not be getting out for a couple weeks.

    Pan-kun was scheduled to retire from performances in April. For obvious reasons, he’s been forced into an earlier retirement. He won’t be doing any more shows, but will still be living at the zoo.

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