Crossdressing Coast Guard Officer Arrested

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    Here is some really strange news:

    A 48-year-old coast guard officer was arrested yesterday after exposing himself in public. According to police, he was walking down a street at 11:00AM, wearing only a bra and a lady’s wig. He was wearing some makeup on his face, but had not taken other measures to look more feminine, such as shaving his legs. (Of course, as Sankei Sports notes, exposing his genitals pretty much defeated the purpose of trying to make himself look like a woman.)

    When found by police, the coast guard officer allegedly confessed that he found walking around nude to be exciting. It is believed that it was not the first time he has done this kind of thing.

    The man was an officer on the Shikishima, and his shipmates were apparently surprised to hear the news about his arrest. He also had a wife and kid(s). His perverted hobby has probably cost him his career and his family.

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