Softbank Unveils Radiation Detector Smartphone / Fear = Profit

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    Softbank has unveiled the Pantone, a new smartphone that has a built-in radiation detector. It’s being marketed to people who are afraid of Fukushima radiation:

    “The threat from the nuclear accident cannot be seen by the human eye and continues to be a concern for many people, especially for mothers with small children,” said Softbank founder and president, Masayoshi Son, standing in front of an aerial photo of the crippled plant.

    Japan Mobile Tech has noted that many radiation detectors suffer from serious accuracy problems and proper calibration is extremely important:

    When collecting data for scientific studies, analytical equipment must be calibrated prior to each usage. For quality control during use, calibration standards must be intermixed with experimental samples to detect and correct any instrumental drift.

    Calibration would also be needed after any shock to the device, the kind that would be sustained by, for example, dropping a mobile phone.

    Any other way of doing it is just playing around, and toys are for playing.

    A JapanProbe reader has pointed out: “Actually all mobiles detect radiation…via their signal strength bar.”

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