More Korean Ultra-Nationalism: Dokdo Wine in California / Territorial Dispute Propaganda Ad Appears at Sydney Airport

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    The Christian Science Monitor reports on yet another episode in the ongoing tale of Korean ultra-nationalists who want the rest of the world to care about the Liancourt Rocks (Takeshima/Dokdo) :

    The latest ploy: a Napa Valley wine produced by Korean-American dentist Ahn Jae-hyun at his Dokdo Winery that uses the island post code as its moniker.

    Illustrating the fervor with which such attempts to garner attention for Korea’s sovereign claims over the outcrop, when the wine debuted on the Korean market the local distributor pledged to donate all proceeds to nonprofit groups promoting Korean sovereign claims in other countries.

    Meanwhile, in Australia, Sydney International Airport has suspended a Korean ultra-nationalist ad campaign after receiving a complaint from the local Japanese consulate. The campaign was displaying large images of the Liancourt Rocks declaring them to be Korean territory in the “East Sea.” To the uninformed, it might look like a normal tourism ad. Airport authorities probably accepted the ad campaign without realizing that it was actually the work of anti-Japanese organizations that are obsessed with territorial disputes.

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