Voice of America Interviews American Who Raised $7,500 Online After Claiming Children in Chiba Were Sick From Radiation Poisoning

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    This is an update about a story from a few days ago – American Claims Children in Chiba Are Sick From Radiation Poisoning / Raises Thousands of Dollars Online. After Japan Probe and its readers questioned the validity of the fundraiser’s claims, he deleted the fundraising page, holding on to about $7,500 in contributions. Thanks to our efforts to maintain of record of what happened, the mainstream media is now reporting on the story.

    3/11 truther

    Steve Herman of the Voice of America contacted and interviewed the man who was using YouCaring.com to raise money to evacuate his children from Chiba prefecture, where they were supposedly “sick from radiation poisoning.”

    Read Herman’s article here. It’s an excellent summary of the story, and includes information from radiation experts and another resident of the same area of Chiba.

    Below is an examination of the quotes from the fundraiser. First off, he told the Voice of America that he never meant for the fundraiser to be public:

    “It was probably a mistake putting that on the Internet,” says Joshua Swift, who now is appealing to the online detractors to “just leave us alone and let us go.”

    The appeal on YouCaring.com was delisted Monday following the criticism on social media and other online sites, and the appeal remains archived.

    Swift says the Internet appeal was not intended to be public and claims that all of the money raised came solely from “family and friends.”

    Swift’s own public postings on Twitter directly contradict his claim that the appeal was not intended to be public. The record shows that Swift reached out to EX-SKF, the author of a popular conspiracy theory blog:

    As you can see, Swift wanted Ex-SKF to spread the news about his fundraising plea. He was apparently grateful when Ex-SKF blogged about his cause on April 30th and May 3 (cached).

    So it would seem that Swift was happy with posting about his situation on a public forum and asking blogs for publicity, as long as that publicity came from like-minded conspiracy theorists.

    On the Swift family’s fundraising page, they wrote that it was imporant that their children leave Japan quickly:


    Some readers wondered how someone who was so sure that his kids were being poisoned daily could still be in Chiba over a year after the first radiation leaks from Fukushima. Why wait days, weeks, or months for online contributions? If the lives of children were at stake, couldn’t someone in the family max out a credit card to buy plane tickets?

    Here is Swift’s reason for delay:

    He said it was not possible for the family to immediately evacuate because he wanted to continue to make mortgage payments on his home in Inzai, a city of 90,000 people, in Chiba Prefecture.

    So….he thinks mortgage payments are so important that it’s worth putting his family in mortal danger?

    The reason for a lack of medical evidence is also revealed:

    Swift acknowledges no physician has diagnosed the children as being sickened by radiation. He said no doctor in Japan “would be allowed to,” alluding to a supposed cover-up of the health effects resulting from one of the world’s worst nuclear accidents.

    Why provide evidence, when you can just claim every single doctor in the nation of Japan is part of a conspiracy to cover up evidence of radiation poisoning? Plenty of 3/11 truthers would accept such a ridiculous claim, and gladly donate money.

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