Fukushima Doomsday Predictions From “Nuclear Expert” Robert Alvarez

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    Every since the Fukushima Daiichi accident, certain people have stood out as spreaders of fear. One of them is Robert Alvarez, a former official at the U.S. Department of Energy. Using his resume, he has marketed himself as an expert, speaking out against nuclear energy and telling scary stories about Fukushima.

    For example, in one recent article on JapanFocus.org, Alvarez was introduced as a “top spent-fuel pools expert” who could confirm that the situation at reactor No. 4 was still very dangerous. His name has also been listed as a “nuclear expert” on a doomsday warning letter that anti-nuclear activists sent to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

    However, according to this clip from a recent episode of the No Agenda podcast, Alvarez’s resume apparently isn’t as impressive as anti-nuclear activists would have us think:

    [” Robert Alvarez has made a career out of connections with the cottage industry that captures attention and donations by fighting against the beneficial use of nuclear energy. For the past dozen or more years, he has used the fact that he was once a political appointee with the Department of Energy to establish his “creds” with gullible reporters.

    He currently serves as a “Senior Scholar” at a deceptively named Institute for Policy Studies and claims to be a nuclear fuel expert. The holes in his life story include the fact that he was a music major before dropping out of college to hang out with the antinuclear movement (perhaps with the No Nukes concert organizers). In addition, his appointed position at DOE came to an inauspicious end when he and his antinuclear activist wife were arrested for growing commercial quantities of pot in their Takoma Park, MD basement. “]

    [via Atomic Insights]

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