Korean Company Trademarks Common Words Describing Sake Flavor

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    A Japanese TV report looks at a strange development in South Korea, where there has been a Japanese liquor sales “boom” in recent years:

    A South Korean company that specializing in the sale of imported Japanese sake has applied for and been granted the rights for 27 sake-related terms. They include some words that many different sake brands include on their labels as descriptions of quality and flavor:

    • “Tokusen” (specially selected)
    • “Karakuchi” (dry flavor)
    • “Sukkiri” (refreshing)

    The owner of the company had lost out on registering a brand name in the past, so this time around he went overboard. Now other companies that import different brands of Japanese sake will have to get his permission to sell their products or remove the flavor descriptions from the original Japanese labels.

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