Alaskans Return Soccer Ball Swept Away by 2011 Tsunami

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    Residents of Alaska recently made an unusual discovery: a soccer ball with some Japanese writing on it. It turns out that the ball belonged to a Japanese tsunami survivor! Here is a video about it:

    More info from ABC:

    Speaking to reporters Sunday, 16-year-old Misaki Murakami said he was “shocked” to hear his prized possession had floated more than 3,100 miles across the Pacific Ocean.

    He received the ball from friends when he was in the third grade, as a good luck gift before he transferred from Osabe Elementary school in Rikuzentakata, one of the cities hardest hit by the tsunami last March.

    On the ball, classmates signed their names in Japanese, along with the date March 2005, and the words “Misaki Murakami. Work hard!”

    Kyodo news has interviewed David and Yumi Baxter, residents of Alaska who helped find the ball’s original owner.

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