Asia Journalist Christopher Johnson Makes Threats Against Other Journalists?

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    Get out your popcorn, internet drama fans. Tokyo-based freelancer Christopher Johnson is once again getting some attention on the Japan blogosphere. This time, Jake Adelstein has posted e-mails that were allegedly sent by Johnson.

    The e-mails contain threats against Adelstein (who did not sufficiently support Johnson after the “gaijin gulag” article), and against Mr. B (a journalist who replaced Johnson as France 24’s Tokyo correspondent). The e-mails contain boasts about being a big tough guy:

    I will tell you very frankly that I am a 6-foot, 200-pound guy from a rough part of the Detroit area, and I’ve been through too much – 9 wars, where I lost 7 friends – to let anyone disrespect me.”

    And direct threats:

    Who the hell are you talkin to me like this? You think your ass is powerful? You are a 5-foot 6, 150 lb dweek in shorts and sunglasses looking over your shoulder in a crowd.”

    Where I come from, you don’t mess with a man’s car, a man’s woman, a man’s dog, or a man’s job. You go behind someone’s back, and they come knockin on your front, with a shotgun.”

    “I’ll be at the FCCJ in coming days and will be looking for you mofo.”

    The blog post also contains a link to a very disturbing voicemail recording:

    The more I know about the individual and his past, the more I began to feel increasingly uneasy. He has a history of making sick and venal threats. On October 16th, 2007, he left disgusting messages on the answering machine of an NHK colleague that implied he would sexually molest the individual’s children. The tape contains what seems to be the sounds of said journalist masturbating over the phone. It’s unpleasant; please don’t listen on a full stomach. It has been posted on YouTube several times and then taken down.

    Read the full blog post here.

    (Adelstein does not mention names in his blog post, but Johnson has been using his Twitter account to let the whole world know that it was him, and he’s shared the link.)

    Rather than immediately deny that he made the physical threats found in the e-mails, Johnson’s initial response is complaining about how the recipient of the threads is a “snitch.”

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