Chinese Hotel Features Urinals Shaped Like Japanese Soldiers’ Mouths

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    The Shanghaiist reports on a bathroom in China that lets men urinate in the mouths of Japanese soldiers:

    “These controversial urinals, depicting kneeling Japanese soldiers with their mouths open wide, were recently snapped and posted on Weibo. Located in a Harbin hotel, they have been dubbed 靖国神厕, a reference to the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan.”

    Although the blog post does not say so, the urinals look similar to characters from “Devil soldiers in Mao-er Mountain” (帽兒山的鬼子兵), a children’s cartoon that aired on China’s CCTV. The hotel with the strange urinals is located in Heilongjiang province, which also happens to be the setting for the cartoon.

    The cartoon featured a theme song about torturing Japanese “devil soldiers” to death:

    I irritate the devil soldiers
    I playfully torture the devil soldiers
    I play and irritate, with hits and kicks
    I spoof / torture the devil soldiers to death!

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