Elderly Man Severely Burned on Japanese TV Show

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    Japanese weekly tabloid magazine Shukan Bunshun has reported on a scandalous event, and Japanese netizens are spreading the story:

    The program was broadcast by Fuji-TV (http://www.fujitv.co.jp/) one of the major tv networks in japan in around 2003 or 04 as a part of low budget midnight comedy show. They hired an alzheimer old man to mock him as a Rambo in the orient by taking him to a river bed and thereat forced him to walk on the fire.

    FujiTV provided him with three liters of heating oil.Fuji TV staff said “please try”. Because his demented state prevented him from common sense, he had no choice but touch off the cardboards soaked with kerosene and walked twice (!!) on them. The old man apparently suffered serious burns all over his lower limbs. He was not treated immediately after.

    According to a story in the recent edition of Shukan Bunshun, a subsidiary of acclaimed “Bungei-Shunju” magazine, the old man was later hospitalized and diagnosed the involved parts as third to forth degree burn but survived only a couple of years mostly remaining unconscious.

    The hospital stuff reported the possible abuse and mayhem but the reaction of the police authority was not nimble probably because of dark connections between the media and the authority linked by the parachutist retired from high-level fuzz to the media giants.

    So far, no comment is made by Fuji-TV side on or against the article in the latest issue of Shukan Bunshun, however they try to erase all the videos of the crucial evidence of this possible crime scene, uploaded by Anonymous consciences, from youtube to minor Chinese video site at a lightening speed!

    The video claims the old man was burned so badly that he could never walk again, and his injuries caused him to die of renal failure in 2007.

    I do not know if all the details of the story are true, but it does look like the man in the video clip could have suffered some very serious burns.

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