Paywall Blocks Access to Asahi Shimbun’s English Articles

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    Found this message popping up on my screen this morning when I tried to check some English language articles on the Asahi Shimbun’s website:

    The Asahi recently scaled down the content on its regular English articles and started directing readers to its Asahi Japan Watch (AJW) section for the full versions. Unfortunately, they are limiting free access to AJW articles. After hitting the limit (which seems to be around 20 article views a month), readers will have to pay about $12 a month for a subscription.

    The Yomiuri and Mainichi are still providing free access to their English language sites. The three newspapers tend to overlap a bit in their coverage of major stories, so I doubt many people will be willing to pay for the Asahi when free alternatives are available.

    Important Note: Clearing or disabling cookies will allow you to bypass Asahi’s article viewing limit.

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