Superdry: Popular UK Fashion Brand Uses Gibberish Japanese

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    A Japanese TV news program reports about Superdry, an extremely popular fashion brand in the UK:

    The company’s logo and all of its shirts contain Japanese words and phrases that don’t make any sense. It’s gibberish. They are obviously not the work of somebody who knows how to speak Japanese.

    The company is proud to show off the source of its embarrassingly terrible Japanese. They use machine translation:

    Despite making boatloads of money, they just don’t care enough to hire a Japanese speaker. The gibberish that the translation software spits out looks “cool” enough. Customers are either ignorant of the bad Japanese, or don’t seem to mind. Some people are even under the mistaken impression that it is actually a Japanese brand.

    The head of the company compares the pseudo-Japanese on his products to the English seen on t-shirts in Japan.

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