iPhone 4S Network Speed Test: Softbank vs. AU

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    Softbank’s monopoly on the iPhone is finally over. The iPhone 4s is now available for both Softbank and AU mobile networks.

    For years, Japanese iPhone users have complained about how Softbank’s network coverage and speed sucks. Now that another carrier offers the exact same phone, one can conduct a proper side-by-side test to see if the complaints about speed were justified.

    Here is a video uploaded by Gizmoto Japan. It shows a real-time speed test of two AU iPhones vs. two Softbank iPhones:

    The test was conducted in Shibuya, an area of downtown Tokyo that should theoretically have better mobile coverage than almost anywhere.

    The AU phones measured speeds of 1.68Mbps and 1.26Mbps. The Softbank phones scored 82.13kbps and 88.3kbps. Softbank’s speeds were laughably terrible.

    Bonus video: Here’s a guy who is desperately trying to make Siri understand his grammatically incorrect English.

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