Bruce Willis’ Funny Japanese Car Commercial (Daihatsu Mira e:S)

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    Bruce Willis has been appearing in a couple new commercials for Daihatsu’s Mira e:S. One commercial pokes some fun at the fact that so many Japanese commercials feature foreign celebrities who horribly mispronounce product names:

    In the first of the two commercials, the man in charge is explaining that the new Mira e:S is so great it can stand alone in its own commercial. It gets 30.0km/L (about 70.5mpg) and it’s cheap – they don’t need a celebrity spokesman for that!

    He is informed that they’ve already hired a celebrity. It’s Bruce Willis, who is on his way to Japan. As Bruce sits in a first class airplane seat, he practices saying, “the new Daihatsu e:S.”

    In part two of the series, the boss is informing his crew that the automobile should have the leading role in the commercial. Bruce Willis should only be a supporting actor! Bruce gets on camera and butchers the pronunciation of the company and car name (“Daimatsu Miro uusu“). The boss is highly annoyed. Goddammit Bruce, get it right!

    Bruce is obviously in on the joke, because he does a far better job of pronouncing the name of the car in the first commercial.

    This is Bruce’s first commercial for Daihatsu (a Toyota company). Because he has been starring in Subaru advertisements since the 1990’s, this represents a major shift in his brand loyalty.

    Here are a few examples of his old Subaru commercials:

    And here are some of his old commercials for Ginza Jewelry Maki and Eneos Gas Stations:

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