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Miyakojima’s Dummy Policeman Attacked & Damaged

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    Plastic police officers has been attacked in Japan:

    Officer Mamoru Miyako has been standing watch over the roads on his island since 1996. Tourists were amused by the unique police officer dummies, and Mamoru eventually became a mascot/symbol of the island. Visitors to Miyakojima have their pictures taken with him and local shops sold various Mamoru-themed souvenirs. He also has an official theme song.

    On September 18th, the Japanese media reported that two of the island’s Mamoru statues had been vandalized. As you can see from the video, at least one was completely torn in half. Local police have vowed to investigate the incident and try to track down the person who took down two of their inanimate officers.

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    Video: UARS Burning Up Over Japan?

    Video uploaded yesterday shows something burning in the sky over Nagareyama in Chiba prefecture:

    The uploader isn’t sure what it is: UFO, or maybe a satellite?

    Judging by the day the video was shot, it is possible that we could be looking at NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), which was expected to re-enter earth’s atmosphere somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

    Although NASA believes that the reentry took place quite far from Japan, there is still a possibility that some smaller piece of the satellite may have broken off and burned up over Chiba.

    Update: Some analysis of the clip from Level3:

    That is not a falling satellite. It’s either old footage of a rocket launch or just a jet and a trick of the sunset (sunrise?) light.
    Falling satellites do not leave billowy smoke/contrails at the same level as other clouds, they’re too high up and they don’t spew out fuel or a trail like a rocket. Any trails are be very long and thin and disappear quite fast, look at the Columbia disaster videos, and remind yourself that UARS is a lot smaller than a Shuttle. Also it’s moving way too slow across the sky for a satellite on re-entry. Further it’s just too big, and it’s staying in one piece, not spreading apart.

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    Hachiko Bombing (Shibuya Anti-Terror Performance)

    Tokyo police put on a performance to show how they’d respond to a terrorist attack near Shibuya station:

    The performance was meant to reassure the public about the police force’s readiness to respond to terrorist incidents. Cops took down some very suspicious-looking criminals, used dogs to sniff for explosives, and had the bomb squad dispose of a suspicious bag.

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    Fight Against Annoying Point Cards

    If you’ve ever shopped at a Family Mart convenience store, you’ve probably been asked if you have a T-Point card. Because the store is a part of the T-Point network of businesses, it requires its staff to ask every single shopper if they have a card. For regular shoppers who do not want a point card, being repeatedly asked about it can be quite an annoyance.

    One annoyed shopper has suggested a solution. It’s called the “I Don’t Have A T-Point Card”:

    As you can see from the picture, it has a design based on the original T-point card. One has a big red line through the T-point logo. The other two types have “I don’t have one” and “I don’t need one” written on them.

    Its creator has listed three great things about the card:

    1. It’s totally free: no membership fees! (Just download the PDF and print it out yourself.)
    2. It’s not a credit card, so even children can use it!
    3. Instead of building up points, you increase the stress level of shopkeepers.

    Some people might think this protest card is pointless. Why go through the trouble to carry a fake point card when you could just carry the real point card instead?

    Sure, it might take some extra effort, but how else are you supposed to annoy low level Family Mart employees?

    Related Video: Here’s a guy who used a t-shirt instead of a fake card. It seems to have have worked well:

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