“Divine Wind” – Sea Shepherd Leader Praises Typhoon That Killed Over 45 People

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    A few days ago, Typhoon Talas hit western Japan, inflicting serious damage. Wakayama prefecture was in the middle of the storm’s path of destruction:

    In worst-hit Wakayama, rescuers recovered nine more bodies Tuesday afternoon, with 34 others still missing, according to prefectural police. That brought the nationwide death toll to 46. Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency said 54 people were missing Tuesday, including those in Wakayama.

    Paul Watson, head of the radical animal rights group Sea Shepherd, has written an article praising the typhoon as an example of nature’s “Divine Wind” protecting dolphins from Japanese people:

    The storms are a fitting herald to Sea Shepherd’s campaign against Japanese whaling this upcoming season. This year’s campaign is titled Operation Divine Wind (kamikaze: Japanese for ‘wind of the Gods’). It was the kamikaze that destroyed the invading Mongol fleets between 1274 and 1281.

    Where once the typhoons protected Japan, the Japanese fishermen have fallen from grace with the sea and now the typhoons have returned to protect the dolphins. It is now the Cove Guardians that embody the spirit of the kamikaze.

    This is, of course, not the first example of such behavior. A few months ago, Watson wrote a poem about the March 11th tsunami (death toll: 22,000+), describing it as the sea god Neptune punishing Japan:

    Paul Watson: hateful poet

    [Hat tip to Day-Bee-Toe]

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