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Korean Soccer Fans Celebrate Japanese Earthquake

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    The owners of South Korea’s Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors soccer team have apologized after some of its fans displayed a banner celebrating an earthquake that caused over 15,000 deaths in Japan:

    A paper banner reading Let’s celebrate Japan’s big earthquake! in Japanese was hung from the stands occupied by Jeonbuk supporters during Tuesday’s Asian Champions League quarter-final second leg against Japan’s Cerezo Osaka.

    The banner was removed about 20 minutes into the game in the southwestern city of Jeonju after Cerezo lodged a complaint with organisers. The Japanese club sent a letter of complaint to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

    The grammar wasn’t 100% correct (お祝い isn’t a verb), but the message is still obvious.

    When Fuji TV showed images of the sign to Japanese people (including some earthquake survivors), many couldn’t believe what they were seeing:

    Although the South Korean media has widely reported the incident, Fuji TV notes that one Korean newspaper criticized the Japanese media for not censoring the faces of the fans.

    This isn’t the first time that Japanese soccer players have faced ugly disaster-related taunts from non-Japanese fans. In August, Belgian soccer fans taunted a Japanese goalkeeper with a “Fukushima” chant. The team later apologized and was forced to pay a fine.

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    Bland Japanese Prime Minister Fails to Excite International Media

    It its coverage of the Prime Minister’s UN speech, the Yomiuri pointed out that members of the assembly and the international media pretty much ignored Noda:

    Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s speeches at the United Nations were barely covered by the Western media, although the event gave Noda the chance to promote his government’s policy shift on nuclear power.

    Noda’s speech made at the U.N. General Assembly on Friday came right after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ address requesting Palestine be recognized as a separate state. Many audience members left the venue after Abbas finished speaking because the issue was considered one of the conference’s main topics.

    It was a tough act to follow, but you can’t really place most of the blame on the Palestine situation. If Japan had a strong and charismatic leader, more people probably would have paid attention to the speech. But, since few recent Japanese Prime Ministers have stayed in office for more than a year, few international observers are going to care about a speech from Japan’s latest uncharismatic and soon-to-be-gone PM.

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    Anonymous Donor Leaves 10 Million Yen in Toilet

    A 10 million yen ($130,000) cash donation to Tohoku disaster survivors has been found in a toilet:

    The anonymous cash donation was left in a bag in a handicapped toilet at the Sakado city hall building in Saitama prefecture. Attached to the money was a note stating, that its former owner was all alone and wanted his/her money to be sent to help people in Tohoku.

    Although this is a really great thing, it is definitely not an efficient means of helping earthquake and tsunami survivors. There is a possibility that the money could have been stolen, so they will not be able to use the money immediately. If no rightful owner comes forward to claim the money within three months, it will legally become property of the city government and can be sent as a donation.

    The above news video clip compares this strange anonymous donation to the “Tiger Mask” donations of late 2010.

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    Baby Monkey Survives Typhoon & Befriends Dog

    Earlier this month, Typhoon Talas swept through Wakayama prefecture, causing deadly landslides. Shortly after the typhoon, one resident of Tanabe was walking near a heavily damaged area and discovered a baby monkey. The monkey’s mother was nowhere to be found, so the man adopted it:

    The monkey now considers the man’s dog, Goma (a male), to be his surrogate mother. Whenever the Goma goes for a walk, the monkey clings to his back.

    The narrator remarks on how this dog and monkey combo is very different from the common image of dogs and monkeys as enemies. [In the Japanese language when one says that two people are like “dogs and monkeys” (犬猿の仲), it means that they don’t get along well. ]

    For now, the monkey is a baby and is relatively easy to take care of, but when it gets older, it will be hard to keep as a house pet. The man is looking for a zoo that will adopt the monkey.

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