Japanese TV Channel Accidentally Airs Radioactive Rice Joke

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    Fuji TV is once again at the receiving end of netizen anger after one of its subsidiaries accidentally aired an image that joked about the radioactivity of rice from Iwate prefecture:

    The image aired for about 5 seconds during a morning show on Tokai TV. The image is supposed to display viewers who have won a contest. The prize is packages of Hitomebore, a famous type of rice from Iwate prefecture. However, instead of the actual names of viewers, every name is displayed as “Cesium-san.” The prizes are listed as “suspicious rice” and “contaminated rice.”

    Tokai TV quickly released that it had made a mistake, and its announcer apologized for the error. They also posted an apology on their website. Apparently the joke image was a temporary version that was created before they added in the real names and real prizes. When it came time to air the actual image, they used the wrong one.

    The accident has revealed how some people at Tokai TV were secretly poking fun at a very unfortunate situation. As rice farmers in Iwate struggle, TV production staff have been joking around about the possible contamination of Iwate’s rice crop.

    [hat tip to Toonfan]

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