Women’s World Cup 2011 – Soccer Nail Art

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    Japan’s national team (aka “Nadeshiko Japan”) will be playing against the United States in Monday morning’s 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final.

    One of star players that helped the Japanese team advance to the finals is midfielder Nahomi Kawasumi. Her goals have got a lot of attention, but so has her style. Fans like the pink headband she wore in the match against Sweden, as well as her soccer-themed nail art:

    Kawasumi painted her own fingernails. When they show images of the nails to professional nail artists at a salon in Harajuku, she was praised for her skill.

    One of Fuji TV News’ male employees tried to copy Kawasumi’s nail design. Sadly, after one hour of hard work, he was only able to create this very sloppy failure:

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