Is Fukushima’s Radiation Killing Babies in North America?

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    For the last couple weeks, anti-nuclear blogs and comments across the internet has been alleging that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident has caused a 35% increase in infant mortality in several cities on the West Coast of America. Al-Jazeera English has even reported about it.

    Is there any truth to this claim? Michael Moyer of Scientific American has looked at the “study” being referenced, plotting the data for the cities in question alongside data for other cities that the authors had left out of the study. He also looked at the data over a wider time frame. This is how it looks when plotted:

    There is no “spike” in infant mortality on the Pacific coast of America.

    Surprise, surprise! It’s politically-motivated bullshit:

    “….the authors’ statistical claims are critically flawed—if not deliberate mistruths

    picking only the data that suits your analysis isn’t science—it’s politics. Beware those who would confuse the latter with the former


    Read the rest here.

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