Giant Crane Returns 400-ton Fishing Boat to Sea

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    When the March 11th tsunami struck the city of Kesennuma, many large fishing boats were swept ashore and grounded. Now, as these video clips show, a giant crane is being used to lift the boats return them to the sea:

    So huge are the ships that moving them back to the sea has not been attempted in more than three months. Many have been propped up with metal beams so they won’t fall over.

    Now ship owners have banded together to jointly negotiate a contract with a logistics company to move five of the vessels in a deal insurers have agreed to cover. Even with a group discount it will cost around £620,000 to move each ship.


    Earlier this week, two towering cranes hoisted the 400-tonne Akane Maru No 1, a deep-sea fishing boat, about 30 feet off the ground from where it had been tossed by the wave.

    The cranes gently lowered it onto a huge trolley in primary colours that looks like a super-sized Lego creation. It was the start of what would be a three-day operation organised by Penta-Ocean Construction.

    The 192-tyre trolley – normally used for transporting equipment such as train carriages – then slowly rolled toward the quay. Yesterday, the cranes lifted the boat up and into the water.

    After some repairs, the Akane Maru No?1 should be ready to start fishing in August, ship owner Hirohito Ikeda said.

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